It’s going to be fascinating to see how the rapid adaptation in working habits to the exigencies of Covd19 end up creating another industrial revolution.

Will the attractions of the metropolis as the magnet for workers dissipate for good? As a result, will more and more companies opt for space out in the country?

Will our happiness levels increase, because we don’t have to commute so much?

Will we have much more drive to blend face to face with online in future and so create more variety in the way we work while reducing our stress levels?

A few immediate thoughts from members of a group of entrepreneur business leaders (part of The Supper Club) in an online forum I was chairing on Thursday. They are responding to the question, how do you think you might change things permanently:

o Think much more carefully before deciding to travel
o Isolate myself for significant periods of time so I can think and get things done, as I am doing right now
o Work out what my strongest products are in terms of must have for clients when life is at its toughest; focus on those much more than my nice-to-have products
o Take a brutally honest look at where my best revenue is going to come from and double down on that (for one member of the group this was monthly recurring revenue from service contracts rather than what appeared to be chunkier money from one-off projects), possibly getting rid of other sources of revenue altogether
o Insist on people working from home more: buy them furniture if need be, as one of the companies had done, because it was cheaper to buy new than to ship them their furniture from the office
o Cut down on office costs: be ruthless in making decisions about this
o To make up for the lack of personal interaction brought about by having to work from home more: once the lock-down is over, rent a place in the country with swimming pool and tennis court to let staff use on a regular basis. So, they can carry on working mainly from home, but you’ll bring them together in a beautiful place on a regular basis. It will still be cheaper than the current set up.

Well, it will be interesting to write an update to this in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years. Who knows, we may, indeed we probably are, making history.